How do I take care of my dried flowers?

Because of the nature of dried florals, they are best kept indoors. Exposure to direct sunlight may cause eventual fading so take care to find a space to display them away from direct light to preserve their color and beauty.
To freshen, easily dust using a blow dryer on low or better yet with an old-fashioned feather duster. If you follow these simple steps, you will enjoy your dried flowers and ensure their lasting beauty for many years.

What is your return policy?

Check out our returns page here!

What is your shipping policy?

Check out our shipping policy here!

May I visit your farm?

You can absolutely visit our farm on days we are open to the public!
Enjoy the lavender in bloom for U Pick Lavender Days in June & July or join one of our events listed on our Events page. We are closed to the public when lavender season is over and there are no events listed. Find out more about our U-Pick Lavender dates here!

Do you do custom orders?

Most definitely! We do all sorts of custom orders including wreaths, bouquets, garlands, wedding arrangements, and potted plants. Feel free to send us a message via Facebook, Instagram, or email us via our "Contact" page!

I saw something on your Instagram/Facebook but it is not available on your online store.

Can I still purchase it?

Absolutely! Send us a message or email and we can give you more information about the product, its price, and shipping costs.